Everyone has a story, I love that, but everyone can have a story of triumphant change and fulfillment as long as there is life.


An ancient proverb says: "It is better to be a living dog than a dead lion". Hope is often one of those ingredients we need. Therefore, change can happen! Awesome, right?


As a person that has often "failed" miserably in life and also struggled with a severe stuttering problem since childhood, I've discovered along the way principles that truly make a difference. Principles that can edify a tired soul, actions that can stir and inspire hope into broken hearts, and laws that can renew the desolate.


What I am about today is helping others to discover significance on this journey of life. It is very attainable and so within reach no matter how low anyone is or where they've been.


Sometimes all anyone needs is to be freed from wrongful thinking. How true is that statement we have heard: "You will know the Truth and the truth will set you free"!

I understand now that certain laws or principles work without fail. No one teaches birds to fly, they learn from instinct. That instinct is a law of nature. Fish swim because that's how they were made to become.  : ) 


Seed is the exact way, in it is the law that if it's planted, it will bring forth a plant that will bring forth fruit.

Success, significance, and purpose work the same way. So does failure and poverty. All these things can be predictable. So I've made it my mission to learn principles and share them with others. Principles that really work, I mean, not just talk, but real stuff that works and makes a difference.

Since I believe in people and that they have an innate law to learn, grow and make a difference, I am about inspiring others to discover and become who they were created to be!

Manuel Gil

Leadership Consultant

Wind International



Tel: 360.949.3476 




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